Exciting Windows! Franchise Opportunities

"Awareness" - the Essential Beginning
For a Successful Business

The educated business professional understands that customers will not buy from any business until they know the name of the business, the products and services it sells, and potential customers are willing to consider that business as a viable alternative when they are ready to buy.

Most business owners would cry if they telephoned 100 people in the phone book and asked the homeowner, "Have you ever heard of "(Your business name)?" or,asked, "If you needed new blinds or draperies for your window, who would you call?" It is unlikely that even one person in a hundred would know the business name. If the business does not have name awareness it is not even a contender for customer consideration.

The real challenge is not appointments, but FIRST to create awareness! Customers will only call you if they consider you when they need new window coverings. That is the primary strategy of Exciting Windows! With advanced marketing techniques and special advertising, you create awareness of a great concept that customers will like, remember, and call when they need new window fashions!

Here are some of the Exciting Windows! programs to help you build awareness for your business with high quality, target customers that yield out-size profitability along with more repeat and referral sales. An independent competitor could never equal the name awareness you will quickly build in your market area with these advanced and targeted programs.

Quality Customer Profile - when you know the age, income, and occupation of your target customer you can do a better job hunting them down and converting appointments to sales.

Advertising Budgeting and planning - your exclusive ProfitNet! Online computerized software helps you plan and budget your advertising dollars, select your media, allocate your budget and set realistic objectives for results to expect. Quarterly tracking assures the opportunity for on-target performance and facilitates adjustments.

Advertising materials and layout designs - Exciting Windows! advertising materials are recognized as "industry best" graphics and text. With exceptional postcards, flyers, door hangers, yard signs, brochures, and media layouts, you position your service leadership and product competitiveness. Colorful, eye-appealing advertising enhances your reputation and project a quality image customers welcome.

Proven Activities - your time spent marketing is used correctly when you know what to do and have professionally designed brochures and literature for your customers.

"MyHome News" Internet e-mail Newsletter - the only consumer e-mail newsletter in our industry graphically designed and professionally written that is e-mailed to your customer by her name and showing you as the sender. Every month we hear "Thank You" stories and "Sales Tales" about customers being reminded to call. This service alone would cost hundreds a month to duplicate. It is included in your monthly fee at no added cost.

ExciteVan! - one of your best advertising venues gives you a "free company car" while it builds your business. Ed Hopkins, with two ExciteVans! told your Advisory Council he receives an appointment a month, worth tens of thousands in annual sales. If you don't have an ExciteVan!, 2008 is the time to increase your sales the easy way. Watch for a new fleet savings plan with incentives to save you thousands - only at your Annual Conference!

Michael Payne, celebrity designer - as a customer and believer, Michael Payne's celebrity status creates awareness and credibility for your Exciting Windows! business. When you feature Michael Payne your awareness grows and quality customers are attracted to your professionalism.

TRUNK SHOW - your newest, fun activity that is a proven appointment generator is brought to you by one of the industry's most experienced advocates, Kathy Cragg of Solvang, California. We have engaged Kathy as our newest management member to develop this program and bring it to you so you know exactly how to implement it to build your business.

New, expanded Preferred Customer Marketing Plan - Imagine selecting your favorite customers with a simple click in your computer. Then, Voila! an automated marketing system is triggered. Your high potential customers receive scheduled, appealing postal mailings and e-mail follow up. You assure customer satisfaction and keep your name top-of-mind. You bet your repeat and referral appointments will grow. Watch for it at conference, as we implement your new computer system.

Expanded Public Relations - Cathy Guterman has achieved strong success promoting Michael Payne and other projects at the national and local level. As a consummate professional, this is a fabulous service shared in cost by your corporate office and National Advertising Funds.

Michael Payne $10,000 Exciting Windows! Makeover Sweepstakes - this is one of the most innovative and powerful marketing tools in our industry. Some lucky customer will win $10,000 in new window coverings for their home. And, celebrity designer, Michael Payne, of HGTV fame, will personally develop a total room decorating plan to give each winner a unique and personal room design perfect for their family. Entries will be developed nationally and promoted locally to assure thousands of entries and continued lead flow for months to come.

Awareness Summary

Customers breed customers...
In 2007 some 15,000 customers purchased window coverings under the Exciting Windows! banner of service. The more customers who buy Exciting Windows! Service, the more they tell others - relatives, friends, and colleagues in cities and towns throughout America and beyond. It's easy with email. It's easy to send links to view beautiful work on a website or send a photo attachment.

And...Exciting Windows! Customers create AWARENESS for You!
Every customer has a circle of acquaintances. As customers and their friends become aware of Exciting Windows! Service it becomes easier for you to build your business. It is starting to happen - now, noticeably, for the first time. Tens of thousands of customers tell tens of thousands of their friends throughout the nation and North America. Exciting Windows! national awareness is a growing snowball to make your local job easier and lower cost to create the awareness you need for success.

Exciting Windows! Franchise is committed to excellence in franchising and supporting the IFA through participation & leadership.


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