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Internet Database Management

Online database management for the window coverings industry was originated by Exciting Windows! executives in the mid-1990s, long before it became popular in the industry. Today, with leadership and experience, the Exciting Windows! online database is the most advanced of any national network or franchise. In addition to your marketing options, Global and local websites, and eNewsletter functions, you will manage your business more effectively. Here are benefits you can expect.

Online customer scheduling - a datebook calendar is great for one person. But as soon as you have an employee to help you with paperwork, an installer you want to schedule, or decorators to monitor, an online scheduling database is the only way to go. You are never limited as with a desktop application. Access your customer appointment schedule from any Internet computer in your office, across town, or across the world.

Customer management - keeping all your customer contact information in your database assures you have good records when you need them and helps you maintain valuable customer relationships. Mailings to customers increase repeat and referral sales; it's easy with an online database.

NEW! Preferred Customer automated campaigns - In 2008 expect new automated email campaigns to confirm appointments, send "Thank you" after a sale, and follow up with special messages at frequent intervals You do nothing except approve the message. Technology does the rest. You can be assured of increased repeat and referral sales with such a fabulous follow-up system.

Off-Premise Management - it's hard to find quality help today. Yet, many women with college education and management experience have children to care for and want to work from home. With an online database, order processing and data input can be from another location down the block or across town. By using your online database, computer fax systems, and QuickBooks online, you can find quality employees at affordable cost. And, if you have a home-based business, you don't have to disrupt family with a stranger intruding your home.

Customer sales transaction module - enter customer sales easily. Keep an ongoing record and yield statistical management reports to optimize your profits. Once your sales data is entered it opens up an entire new era of management information reports to improve sales performance, advertising results, Zip Code marketing, and profit management and planning.

Synchronize with QuickBooks - now when you enter sales data you can easily synchronize and download to QuickBooks desktop or online versions. Update your accounting records without re-typing essential information. It has never been easier to keep the records you need and to hire a new person to operate the system while you focus on sales and marketing.

Sales and Profit Reports

Sales Consultant Productivity - three appointments per week can yield from $75,000 to over $350,000 depending on the closing rate and average size of sale. Every business owner and sales consultant that wants to serve their customer better will track their results so they can improve. The more you sell to each customer, the happier the customer is because their window - and their room - is more beautiful. They receive recognition from friends and the business receives more referrals. Your customer wins and you win when you manage your business by the numbers.

Get the best from multiple sales consultants - With multiple salespeople compare leaders and learners. As each salesperson studies their own numbers they will know what to do. There is no better management than to give salespeople the facts so they can improve themselves. With facts at your fingertips, your coaching and support will bring out the full potential of your team.

Advertising Productivity - Advertising is essential for growth, but anyone who pays for advertising is wasting money somewhere. Most business owners can save 20%, or redirect their money to more productive uses if you track results. Imagine knowing how many appointments you receive from Yellow Pages...and knowing the closing rate on those appointments...and the average size of sale for Yellow Pages compared to newspaper, or direct mail, or referrals. Imagine knowing your total sales for each lead source in less than five minutes by pulling a simple report from your database. That's how you make advertising work for you instead of burning money.

Zip Code Marketing Efficiency - many business owners like to brag how far they go for customers that call them. Yet repeated studies show that 70% of sales come from just 25% of your Zip Codes. When you know your sales by Zip Code - and the market potential (which we provide to you), then you can increase your appointments in nearby areas you are already serving. Which is better: make most of your sales within a 10 minute radius, or spend 30 min to an hour traveling to appointments? Only with a focused Zip Marketing plan and correct information from your database will you be able to focus in the right areas.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"

Summary: Technology and Business Systems

Your NameBank Vault, ExciteNet! Library, Global and HomeTown Websites, email newsletters, management reports and new search engine improvements give you the most advanced technology in window coverings. No other network or franchise comes close. It is one of the most valuable benefits of your system. It would cost you tens of thousands to duplicate and thousands more monthly to maintain and operate. You receive it all with your Exciting Windows! System.

Exciting Windows! Franchise is committed to excellence in franchising and supporting the IFA through participation & leadership.


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